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Smart Devices to ‘Revolutionize’ Treatment, says CPhI Award Winner

Connected devices can help with "direct contacts between patients and healthcare professionals."

Biocorp, a developer of connected devices, has been recognized in CPhI’s annual Pharma Awards announced during CPhI Worldwide. Honored in the "IT, mHealth, and Digitalization" category, Biocorp offers technologies such as Inspair (an intelligent sensor that transforms a conventional inhaler into a connected device) and DataPen (reusable and communicating pen injector).

Eric Dessertenne, deputy chief officer of Biocorp, tells MD+DI that connected health “will be a new way to treat patients with more direct contacts between patients and healthcare professionals. It will also provide an incredible source of information for the pharma company about how their device and their drug is being used by the patient. And ultimately it will improve the adherence rate of the patients and their clinical outcomes.”

Some connected devices are already on the market, he says, “but the biggest move will come in the next couple of years. Processes in pharma are by nature very long, and dealing with smart devices is pretty new for pharma; but the story is already written—smart devices will revolutionize the way patients are being treated.”

There could be some regulatory challenges, but Dessertenne says that European and U.S. agencies are working towards a simplification of the regulatory path for most smart devices. “FDA set up a specific department to deal with such questions,” he says, pointing to this program

Regarding any potential challenges in acceptance of smart devices, he says that the objective of device developers such as Biocorp is “to make the connectivity function available for the patients,” without adding “additional burden in their daily life. In other words, the connectivity needs to be ‘transparent’ in the user experience of the patient; if we are able to manage that, the acceptance of these devices will be incredible.”

Dessertenne says that Biocorp is working on improving its “already presented solutions but also bring new benefits to the patients, mainly in the parenteral sector, with very innovative drug delivery device platform. Next product might be presented during Pharmapack 2018, at home!” (Biocorp has previously been recognized at Pharmapack Europe.)

Regarding this year’s award, Dessertenne says that "we are thrilled to receive this CPhI Pharma trophy, one of the most prestigious in the pharmaceutical industry. This award represents a new recognition of Biocorp expertise and excellence in the field of connected medicine, which is more than ever at the heart of our innovation policy. This award, presented in the presence of pharmaceutical sector key players but also of our peers, once again underlines our ability to develop innovative devices geared towards patients, with the ultimate goal of better therapeutic follow-up.”

The 2017 CPhI Pharma Awards program honored winners in 19 categories.

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