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Medtech Startups Making Waves in 2015: BioSig Technologies

BioSig Technologies

Minneapolis-based BioSig Technologies wants to improve the success of ablation procedures to treat cardiac arrhythmias with its Pure EP System, which cuts out noise to improve electrophysiology recordings.


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 [image courtesy of BIOSIG TECHNOLOGIES]

Medtech Startups Making Waves in 2015: Reflexion Health

Reflexion Health

San Diego-based startup Reflexion Health wants to replace physical therapy for joint-replacement patients with Vera, a digital avatar that can walk them through their rehabiliation exercises at home.

 [image courtesy of REFLEXION HEALTH]

Medtech Startups Making Waves in 2015: EchoPixel

Mountainvew, CA-based EchoPixel gives depth to medical imaging with its True-3D system, which allows physicians to prepare for procedures with three-dimensional images of a patient's anatomy.           

 [image courtesy of ECHOPIXEL]

Medtech Startups Making Waves in 2015: Geneva Healthcare

Not every employee is trained to interpret readouts from implatable cardiac devices such as pacemakers and ICDs, so Geneva Healthcare wants to make it easy with graphical dashboards that integrate all the data they need to know.           

 [image courtesy of GENEVA HEALTHCARE]