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Dymax Offers Technical Support

The team also offers help in integrating Asymtek, precision valve automation, and Tridak dispensing systems into manufacturing methods. The Dymax lab is fully equipped to perform mechanical testing under a variety of environmental conditions. A range of tests that are typically designed using ASTM standards can be completed, including tensile or shear strength, adhesion strength between substrates, compression set, and humidity aging. Adhesive samples are available to customers for testing in their own lab as well. The company has an extensive library of formulations to help customers solve a wide range of manufacturing problems.

Laser Design and Wenzel-Xspect Make a Deal

R&M Mfg Launches New Site

R&M is a supplier that focuses on precision machining, engineered assembly, and custom-assembled products. According to Dave Underwood, president of R&M, the site’s fresh content will not only encourage repeat visits and increase sales, but it will play a key role in building customer relationships and broadening the company’s reach. He believes the company’s improved Web presence will also generate interest in its products and services from companies that were previously unfamiliar with R&M.

Medplast Upgrades Arizona Facility

As a result of the stringent manufacturing requirements of customers, the entire facility has been upgraded, including the tool room where mold maintenance can be conducted in a clean environment that is separate from design and construction. The renovation of the site gives Medplast greater capacity for cleanroom molding and enables the company to more effectively serve its customers in the Western United States and Mexico. The company also announced upgrades to its facilities in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Medplast also has facilities in Iowa and Wisconsin. Its five locations house more than 375,000 sq ft of manufacturing space.