Film and sheet downstream system developed

spiral-baffled mirror-finish rolls are used with rotary unions for liquid cooling or heating. The system has a 3-hp ac flux vector motor drive with a 1000:1 turndown ratio and 500-pound-per-linear-inch nip pressure from the air cylinders. Also available are optional items including a gear pump front-end attachment, edge-trim devices, payoff stations for lamination, winder or guillotine, and coextrusion packages.

Polycarbonate screws endure high temperatures.

from 440 to 1032. Lengths are offered from 0.25 to 1 in.

Polymers catalog offered.

compounds, XT polymer acrylic-based multipolymer compounds, Cyrex 200-8005 acrylic-polycarbonate alloys, and Acrylite acrylic molding and extrusion compounds.

Quick molding of tough prototypes.

resin is formulated for rapid production of clear, thermoplastic-like prototypes. After curing, the systems exhibit a 136(infinity)F (slow) to 152(infinity)F (fast) heat-deflection temperature and a 1-ft lb/in. notched Izod impact strength. The molded products have flexural moduli in the 240,000-psi range and a 79 Shore D hardness.

Lidding material developed for silicone-coated trays.

adhesive transfer on most rigid plastics. Tyvek is manufactured by DuPont (Wilmington, DE; 800/441-7515).