Molecularly imprinted polymers studied

Inc. (Jerusalem, Israel; +972 8 9725539). The company's MIPs comprise a proprietary combination of functional monomers and other components. During MIP synthesis, the polymers are imprinted to match the size, shape, charge, and functional groups of the target molecules by using the molecules themselves as a template. Development of MIPs is expected to facilitate new treatments for heart disease and cancers.

Thermoplastics manufacturer offers product literature.

is a section describing proprietary Maxtherm thermally conductive plastics and Maxton high-speed bearings. The brochure is available free of charge from the company.

Polyurethane processor opens training center

covered are PUR processing basics, machine operation, troubleshooting, and machine repair and maintenance. Students will operate a Linden/EMB Innovator system equipped with ProVu data acquisition and control. All training-course graduates will receive a certificate. Interested individuals can contact the company for more information.

Coatings literature available.

Coatings literature available. A full-color brochure describing the advantages of Hydak-brand hydrophilic coatings is available from Biocoat Inc. (Fort Washington, PA; 215/654-1377). Hydak coatings are designed specifically for catheters, guidewires, and other interventional medical devices. Hyaluronan, a hydrophilic biopolymer found in all mammal tissue, is the main ingredient in the coatings. Hyaluronan increases the lubricity, flexibility, and abrasion resistance of medical devices. The coatings are compatible with most commonly used polymers and metals, and, when combined with antibacterial compounds, can help reduce the risk of device-related infections. The free brochure provides details about the technology used to manufacture the coatings and spells out the company's R&D capabilities. Customers can obtain the brochure by calling the company or visiting its Web site at