Medtech Salary Survey 2012 Sneak Peek: Job Security and Satisfaction Data

Respondents who reported feeling more secure now (16%) are up one percentage point over last year. Those who reported feeling less secure (16%) are down two percentage points from 2011. Most employees (66%) feel their job security is about the same as it was in 2011.

Job satisfaction ticked up almost 3% over last year. More than two-thrids of respondents say they are satisfied or very satisfied in their current positions.

About one third of respondents say they are actively looking for a job outside their current organization or strongly considering a new job search. Just over two thirds are happy where they are.


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Medtech Salary Survey 2012 Sneak Peek: Demographic Data

More than 83% of our survey respondents are men, and 80% are white. Just 15% are women, and only 16% come from ethnic minority groups.

The industry is also aging. Though the average age fell slightly, to 48.7, this year, one-third of respondents are still over the age of 55. Just 5% are under 30.

Respondents with postgraduate degrees rose by seven percentage points.

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