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Sensor Alert Technology Wins MD&M West Innovation Prize

MedicusTek's Sensable Care System, used to address patient bed falls and pressure injuries, was chosen for the Innovation Prize at the world's largest annual medtech expo and conference.

The Sensable Care System from MedicusTek USA Corp. secured the top spot in the Innovation Prize competition at MD&M West this week. The Newport Beach, CA-based company's technology uses a sensor array embedded in a mattress or bed pad to reduce the risk of pressure injuries or injuries from falls out of bed.

According to information from the company's entry and corporate website, the technology uses the sensor data--transmitted wirelessly--as well as a predictive algorithm to alert clinicians and caregivers to any patient attempts to leave their beds. This is intended to cut down on actual bed falls.

Additionally, even though patients are routinely repositioned to try to prevent pressure injuries from long hospital stays, the Sensable Care System is designed to show caregivers when certain areas of the body remain under repeated pressure despite repositioning.

The company also noted in its submission that the technology addresses alarm fatigue by ensuring most (7 out of 10) alerts on the system are actionable.

Dr. Jonathan Tong, MedicusTek chairman and CEO, and Patrick Ng, vice president of business development and clinical operations, presented the technology to a group of Innovation Prize Tour participants at MD&M West. Many of those tour-goers voted for the Sensable Care System as their top choice.

Other finalists for the MD&M West Innovation Prize included the GT-610 CNC centerless grinding system from Glebar Company (Ramsey, NJ), the Lateral Flow Device Assembly (LFDA-3) system from Ginolis (Oulu, Finland), the QTA141 micro-reaction torque sensor from Futek Advanced Sensor Technology (Irvine, CA), and the DuraPulse Heart Valve Durability test instrument from TA Instruments (Eden Prairie, MN). These five finalists were chosen by Qmed readers from a pool of entrants that had been winnowed down to 10 technologies.

[Image courtesy of MEDICUSTEK USA CORP.]

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