Salary Survey 2010: Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Compensation Profile A third of respondents in quality assurance and quality control earn between $100,000 and $125,000. The average bonus is $8500 and the typical raise is 4.2%. Median Salary $94,000 Median Total Compensation $120,000 Job Security Fifty percent of QA/QC respondents have worked at the same firm for the past 5 years.

Average Length of Time with Firm
Typical respondents in QA/QC have reported about 9 years with their organization.


Job-Seeking Status
Sixty-two percent of respondents indicate that they are satisfied or very satisfied with their current position.

Median Salaries
The typical QA/QC professional supervises 3 employees. Almost 40% of the respondents do not supervise any employees. 

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