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Wireless Start-ups Rule VCs in 2009

Article-Wireless Start-ups Rule VCs in 2009

According to MobiHealthNews’ year-end report (pdf), there were 15 venture capital investments in 2009, 11 of which were for wireless remote patient monitoring start-ups.

The remainder included a start-up working on a converged platform for physicians-patient communications, a smartphone app developer focused on fitness games, a call-in physician consultation service, and a tablet-based patient check-in device for physician offices. $22.1 million -- CardioMEMS develops implantable wireless sensors that track cardiac output, blood pressure and heart rate. Investors: Arcapita Ventures, Boston Millennium, Foundation Medical. $20 million -- Autonomic Technologies develops implantable devices aiming to soothe severe headaches. Lead Investor: InterWest Partners; Also: Kleiner Perkins Also: Polaris Venture Partners, Caueld & Byers, The Cleveland Clinic. $11.6 million -- Phreesia develops automatic patient check-in device and service to improve patient-provider relationship. Lead Investor: BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners; Also: Polaris Venture Partners, HLM Venture Partners and Long River Ventures. $9.8 million -- BiancaMed develops wireless monitoring devices, including motion sensor that detects heart rate and respiration. Lead Investor: Seventure Partners; Also: ePlanet, Enterprise Ireland, and ResMed. $9 million -- TelaDoc Medical Services is a national network of primary care physicians that diagnose illness, recommend treatment, and prescribe medication over the phone. Lead Investor: HLM Venture Partners; Also: Cardinal Partners, Trident Capital. $7.5 million -- WellAware develops wireless remote monitoring systems that track the daily activities of cared for individuals in the home. Investors: Valhalla Partners, .406 Ventures. $5 million -- Myca Health combines an EMR, a comprehensive admin system, and the ability for doctors to communicate with their patients via a variety of channels. Investors: BlueCross BlueShield Venture Partners, Sandbox Industries. $3.6 million -- Echo Therapeutics develops of a wireless blood glucose monitor for diabetics. Investors include Cotswold Foundation. $3 million -- BL Healthcare's platform, TVx, gathers info from Bluetooth-based wireless medical devices at home and displays it on the TV. Investors: Undisclosed. $1.6 million -- Monica Healthcare develops wireless technology for monitoring the health of expectant mothers and babies. Lead Investor: PUK Ventures; Also: atapult Venture Managers ,University of Nottingham. $535,000 -- Wireless Medcare develops medical applications for wireless and web-enabled devices. Investors: Carilion Biomedical Institute, Optimum Sensor Holdings. $160,000 -- GymFu develops motion-detecting iPhone fitness apps that include peer challenges to keep users motivated. Lead Investor: Channel 4's 4iP. Undisclosed -- eCardio Diagnostics is a service provider of remote cardiac monitoring for arrhythmia diagnosis. Lead Investor: Sequoia Capital. Undisclosed -- MiLife develops a personalized online fitness coaching system and wireless monitoring device. Investors: New Venture Partners, Unilever Ventures. Undisclosed -- Zephyr Technology makes real-time physiological and biomechanical monitoring tech for defense, first responder, training and research markets. Lead Investor: Motorola Ventures.

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