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January 21, 2011

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The Fight Against Bad Hydrophilic Coatings

Here is my beef:  I see it commonly.  A hydrophilic coatings company will “whip up” a coating and put it on the market.  Putting it on the market is not a problem.  “Whipping it up” is, especially when the company goes on to make all kinds of ridiculous marketing claims about it, many of them patently false or unproven.  I wish the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) would take a look at some of these claims, honestly.  As a generic example, “XXXX is the most lubricious coating available.” or “XXX enhances the design features of any device.”  These sorts of claims often come from companies that never show testing data beyond 10 cycles.  Anyone can do that.  Essentially, these claims are made without any meaningful data to back them up.

Read the entire article on hydrophilic coatings.

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