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New MA Nonprofit to Focus on Pediatric Devices

Medical devices are designed and tested for adults. How to use them in children -- and whether additional studies are required -- is a problem that has vexed medical device manufacturers and caregivers for decades. But today, according to the Boston Globe, a nonprofit organization is being launched to tackle those issues. Among the goals of the Institute for Pediatric Innovation is to work with children's hospitals to redesign devices to better fit children.

June 25, 2007

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New MA Nonprofit to Focus on Pediatric Devices

The institute is based in Cambridge, MA and its first three hospital partners are based in California, Kansas, and Ohio. Up until now, the options for pediatric-use devices were not great. Either a device company could run expensive pediatric studies, or it could do nothing but sit back and watch hospital personnel improvise ways to use their products on children. Creating a systematic way to retrofit devices for children might be a reasonable middle ground.Also, the Institute for Pediatric Innovation and similar nonprofits stand to benefit from language in the version of the FDA Revitalization Act passed by a House subcommittee on Friday. Congress would give such organizations $6 million per year for the next five years. It would also extend to the device industry something in place for the drug industry: patent extensions in exchange for performing pediatric studies. And it would allow device companies to price such devices high enough to make a profit, provided volume was 4,000 per year or less.

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