Over the next several years, specific therapeutic areas are forecasted to grow at astonishing rates. The global vaccine market, for example, is expected to achieve $34 billion in sales by 2012, making it one of the fastest-growing therapeutic areas, even outpacing oncology. The recently renewed interest in the vaccine sector is attributed to advances in technology, federal liability protection for developers, increasing global demand, and premium pricing for new products.

January 14, 2011

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How Tech Advances Drive Therapy

Other therapeutic areas, such as wound care and diagnostics, are also transforming due to advances in technology. Traditional wound-care products are growing at unusually slow rates while advanced wound-care segments are forecasted to grow more than $16 billion by 2017. Driven by new scientific knowledge, technological innovations, growing interest by stakeholders, an aging society, and increasing demand in emerging regions, the global molecular diagnostics market is predicted to reach $6.35 billion by 2015.

Although technology advances in many therapeutics fields are helping bolster sales, improvements in other areas such as cancer and diabetes are still needed. Cancer is the second leading cause of deaths each year in the United States, however, medications on average are only 25% effective in the advanced disease setting, creating an urgent need for effective cancer diagnostics and treatments.

More than 230 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with diabetes and this number is expected to rise to a staggering 350 million within 20 years. Approximately 60% of diabetes patients do not achieve target blood glucose levels with their current treatments. Developers in the medical device and pharma markets are working diligently on an "artificial pancreas" that is anticipated to be on the market within the near future.

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