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Diagnostic Tool to Detect Breast Implant Rupture

A Minnesota-based plastic surgeon is developing a diagnostic tool with the intention of detecting a silicone breast implant rupture. The mention of the technology is buried deep within a New York Times story about FDA's requirements for patients with silicone breast implants to undergo routine MRI's and the disagreement about this condition shared by many plastic surgeons. About four pages into the piece, a small paragraph talks about this interesting technology.

According to the article, the dime-sized RFID tag, called Novalert, fits on the back of an implant. If it senses a silicone leak, the device emits a signal. Upon a google search of "Novalert," there is a San Francisco-based start up company named Novalert Inc. Its limited Web site states that the company is developing technology to monitor and control implantable devices, with a near-term focus on aesthetics. It sounds like it could be related to the device discussed in the Times piece, but the connection hasn't been confirmed.

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