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DES Safe for Heart Attack Patients, Study Finds

A study presented at this week's American College of Cardiology meeting found that drug-eluting stents are safe for heart-attack patients and may help their chances of survival, Bloomberg News reports. The Harvard Clinical Research Institute studied a database of more than 7,000 patients in Massachusetts. Those who received a drug-eluting stent were less likely to die or need a repeat procedure than those who received a bare-metal stents.

March 31, 2008

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DES Safe for Heart Attack Patients, Study Finds

Heart attacks caused by clots, deemed a risk from drug-eluting stents in earlier studies, were about the same in both groups.A second study, from Italy, found that major heart complications occurred half as frequently for patients with drug-eluting stents as compared to those with bare-metal stents.The key, however, is that DES patients take their anti-clotting medication as prescribed.These results mean that perhaps doctors have gone too far in cutting back their use of drug-eluting stents, based on previous findings.

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