One of the most common side effects of undergoing chemotherapy is hair loss. Not only can it affect the emotional well-being of the patient, but it can also, in effect, broadcast the patient's condition to anyone willing to notice. Lund, Sweden–based Dignitana is trying to combat hair loss with the DigniCap (is it me or does that also seem like a subtle play on "dignity?").

December 28, 2010

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Cooler Heads Prevail in Chemo

Users put on the device 20 minutes before chemo begins and continue wearing it until about 30 minutes after treatment. It chills the scalp and reduces blood flow to the area, which limits the delivery of chemo to hair follicles. The chilly temperature also slows down the metabolism of hair follicles, meaning that they process less of the chemo that gets through the cap. The LA Times looks at this and another cooling device currently being tested. If all goes well, the DigniCap could obtain FDA approval by late 2012.

The idea of cooling to prevent hair loss has been around several decades, and recent research studying various devices and methods has shown positive results overall. And in this case, we really do hope that cooler heads prevail. —Lawrence Lloyd

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