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This Week in Devices [6/7/2013]: The Story of a Face Transplant

June 7, 2013

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This Week in Devices [6/7/2013]: The Story of a Face Transplant

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This week: The incredible story of a woman who underwent a face transplant. And if you want to know why Americans pay so much more for healthcare than other countries, colonoscopies are a prime example.



Why Does the U.S. Spend So Much on Healthcare? Blame Colonoscopies


Colonoscopies are overused, not necessarily effective, and definitely overpriced. The first part of an ongoing series by The New York Times that examines procedures, drugs, and medical encounters that are driving up costs of U.S. healthcare.[NYTimes]



The Story of a Facial Transplant


The story of Carmen Tarleton, who, following a brutal attack that left her disfigured, became one of the first Americans to undergo the tedious and experimental face transplant procedure [The Verge]


Watch The Verge's full documentary on Tarleton below:



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