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Novel Brain Injury Cap Checks for Concussions

MC10 (Cambridge, MA) has developed a new headcap that can detect concussions. The device, dubbed CheckLight, includes a small green, yellow and red light that changes color in response to physical trauma.

The device is designed to attach to the exterior of a person's head through a specialized lycra and spandex skull cap. While the device does not measure the exact force of every hit, it does include sensors that measure rotational and linear forces on the head. The included LED indicator measures the severity of a hit based on color. The alerts generated by the device are based on information from the National Transportation Safety Board, a group responsible for regulating vehicle safety.

MC10 notes that the device is only a field-grade tool and is not for use in diagnostic settings. A green light indicates that an athlete or other participant is good to go. A red light or a yellow light indicates that an athlete may be in need of further examination by a physician.

"In the heat of a game, you might not respond to a hit if you're in the zone and the crowd is cheering," states Elyse Kabinoff, a spokesperson for MC10. "But now with the light coming on, it gives you the opportunity to say you're experiencing symptoms, or at least signals to others that you need to get checked."

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