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Quick molding of tough prototypes.

Quick molding of tough prototypes. Two new polyurethanes have been added to the Parts-in-Minutes line from Vantico Inc. (East Lansing, MI; 517/351-5900). The RP 6462 R/H Fast is a high-impact-strength, high-heat material intended for rapid, efficient molding of polyethylene-like parts. Once room-temperature cured, the polyurethane exhibits a 2.3-ft lb/in. notched Izod impact strength, a 194(infinity)F-heat deflection temperature, and a 120,000-psi flexural modulus. RP 6463R polyurethane

resin is formulated for rapid production of clear, thermoplastic-like prototypes.
After curing, the systems exhibit a 136(infinity)F (slow) to 152(infinity)F
(fast) heat-deflection temperature and a 1-ft lb/in. notched Izod impact strength.
The molded products have flexural moduli in the 240,000-psi range and a 79 Shore
D hardness.

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