Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE Finalists Announced (Danvantri)

Danvantri Location: Chennai, India Team Leader: Sridharan Mani, Director & CEO, CEO of American Megatrends India, an IT services company


Location: Chennai, India

Team Leader: Sridharan Mani, Director & CEO, CEO of American Megatrends India, an IT services company 

Solution: Team Danvantri has come up with the AMI VitalsFit, a smart wireles health monitoring tool capable of monitoring several vital signs. The device has a 3-Lead ECG electrode to measure ECG signals from the finger, a pulse oximeter, an infrared temperature sensor, camera as well as an accelerometer for monitoring physical activity. It can also function as a and glucometer and has other capabilites such as blood pressure and respiration rate. 

There are additional peripheral devices as well that include a wireless Spirometer and urine sample analyzer among others. 


AMI VitalsFit Prototype 



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