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Polymer Developed for Use in Synthetic Heart Valves

Polymer Developed for Use in Synthetic Heart Valves A new material for manufacturing heart valves was developed from Elastomedic, a company that was recently purchased by AorTech Biomaterials (Chatswood,

Australia; +61 2 9422 3050). The material was created for the manufacture
of dependable heart valves. Elast-Eon comprises high amounts of silicone
and polyurethane. The material is durable, tear-resistant, shapable, and
stable enough not to react with the human body's chemical composition.
It is available in four grades ranging from very flexible to rigid polymers.
Because some valves require the patient to have anticoagulants to prevent
blood clots from forming around the implants, Elast-Eon was designed to
be blood compatible.

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