Phenolic resin coating for metal components.

Phenolic resin coating for metal components. A high-

performance coating used for magnetic assemblies, PR1010 is now available for use on metal components as a final coat or primer on the metal before bonding. Manufactured by Magnetic Component Engineering Inc. (Torrance, CA; 800/989-5656), PR1010 impedes oxidation. Providing a high resistance to chemicals, this modified coating promotes bond longevity by inhibiting oxidation at the bond joints. The application process consists of grit-blasting the component surface with aluminum oxide, spray coating with PR1010 at a thickness of 0.0005 ± 0.0002 in, and oven curing the coating at 350°C for one hour. Standard coating is black, but a nonpigmented version is also available for applications requiring NSF certification.

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