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Products and Services: Packaging

Bob Michaels

November 9, 2011

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Products and Services: Packaging

Robotic Cartoning Infeed
Integratable with both new and existing automatic cartoning machines, a robotic cartoner infeed allows manufacturers to easily automate manual carton-loading processes or retrofit other types of product infeed systems to reduce the footprint of existing packaging lines. The manufacturer of the line accessory, ESS Technologies Inc., is an authorized Fanuc system integrator that combines a Fanuc robot with its own end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT) to create a compact custom system for loading cartoner-infeed bucket conveyors. The quick-changeover EOAT can be designed to handle nearly any type of product, and the small system footprint enables the use of much shorter infeed conveyors, thus saving floor space. Created as an infeed option for the manufacturer's automatic horizontal cartoners, the robotic infeed system is a stand-alone robotic cell that also readily fits into packaging lines. It handles infeed speeds up to 400 items per minute with multiple products per pick, or up to 80 cycles per minute.
ESS Technologies Inc.

Pouches, Lidding, and Rollstock
As an ISO-certified supplier of sterile-grade packaging materials, Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging provides a range of products that enable medical device manufacturers to meet specific application requirements. The company's product line includes pouches, lidding, and rollstock made from Tyvek, papers, films, foils, and proprietary synthetic fiber-based Ovantex material. Its products ensure seal integrity indication, efficient sterilization, enhanced barriers, and anti-counterfeiting protection. In addition, the supplier's Xhale and SealScience adhesives offer reliable, fiber-free peelable seals and packages that maintain their integrity throughout the sterilization, shipping, and storage process.
Oliver-Tolas Healthcare Packaging

Custom Rollstock Structures
Rollprint Packaging Products Inc. offers many of its custom-manufactured high-performance rollstock products through a new stock program that enables the engineered structures to be supplied without requiring customers to commit to high order volumes. The stock program covers several types of materials, including easy-open peelable structures and foil composites for medical device pouches and lidding. Also available are high-speed flow-wrap materials that incorporate a proprietary barrier-coated polyester or aluminum foil coupled with an aggressive sealant. With the stock program, startups are potentially better able to substitute custom packaging structures for off-the-shelf commodity options.
Rollprint Packaging Products Inc.

Blow-Off Gun
The IonGun ionizing blow-off gun from Terra Universal is designed to simplify the safe cleaning and packaging of delicate medical devices. Squeezing the gun's trigger releases a directed stream of balanced positive and negative ions to neutralize any static charges on the surface of a part that is ready for packaging. Simultaneously, a burst of clean air or nitrogen dislodges and removes particles that are held on the surface by static attraction.
Terra Universal

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