Packaging Machinery Enables More Efficient Production

October 1, 2002

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Packaging Machinery Enables More Efficient Production

Originally Published MPMN October 2002


Packaging Machinery Enables More Efficient Production

Advances in technology provide flexibility and speed

Susan Wallace

Just as there are constant advances in medical device technologies, frequent enhancements are taking place in the packaging of those devices. All of the products described below are designed to speed up packaging and make the process more cost-effective. To locate other companies supplying packaging equipment, please refer to the the packaging directory.

Sealing Mechanisms Offer Flexibility

The WF2H case former from Wexxar Packaging Machinery Ltd. seals with either hot-melt glue or pressure-sensitive tape.

A convertible case former offers the option of switching sealing mechanisms from hot-melt glue to pressure-sensitive tape with a drop-in cartridge that can be set up and ready to use in minutes. The Model WF2H from Wexxar Packaging Machinery Ltd. is suitable for any application that requires corrugated case and tray forming and sealing.

According to the company, using one machine to provide both types of closures enables packagers to boost productivity through increased equipment utilization. Having the versatility to satisfy either preference can be an effective way to keep costs down while broadening capabilities to meet customer needs.

The WF2 incorporates patented pin and dome positive case-opening technology. This technology provides forming reliability because it can handle all weights and plies of board construction and is equally forgiving of quality variations in corrugated packaging.

Pouch Feeder Accurately Inserts and Counts

The Model OT from Palace Packaging Machines provides accurate inserting and counting of loose bulk pouches.

A pouch feeder handles loose bulk quantities of filled pouches of product, counting and inserting the pouches into containers at the same time. The Model OT feeder from Palace Packaging Machines Inc. can either be used as a stand-alone unit or be incorporated into a packaging line. It accommodates pouches filled with dry or powdered liquid, individual pieces such as hardware or medical kit components, and liquid or viscous products.

According to the company, counting and inserting pouches from loose bulk provides a significant advantage over feeding systems in which pouches are cut from a roll, because there is no risk of a slit or opened pouch that spills its contents into the container or onto the factory floor. The unit handles filled pouches in sizes up to 4 x 6 in., and can be customized to feed from 1 to 20 lanes, with a per-lane feed rate of up to 150 per minute. It can be attached to cartoners, baggers, buckey conveyors, and tray thermoformers.

Combination Machine Saves Space

A thermoformer and cartoner combination saves time and space, as well as provides product protection and safety during production. The CP600-P3000 from Klockner Medipak has a large-capacity bottom foil reel and the ability to change reels and splice while in operation. This eliminates delays due to material changeovers.

An air-controlled, segregated dosing area offers product protection while enabling access from both front and back of the machine. The transaction from packaging to cartoning occurs within the same safety guarded area at high-speed accuracy that ensures meeting tight production schedules.

Machine Offers Sterile Seal Validation

The Integri-Seal from Circle Packaging Machinery Inc. offers complete validation.

A horizontal form/fill/seal machine from Circle Packaging Machine Inc. features a seal-validation system that includes a touch screen display monitoring speed, single-point temperature, and single-point pressure during normal operation and at process setup. All electrical components are Allen Bradley.

The Integri-Seal unit is offered in single- and dual-lane configurations. Other features include rapid changeover, a long-dwell traveling cross seal with temperature control via the touch screen, and the capability to print out operation parameters with date and time identification.

Thermal Printer Eliminates the Need for Text, Graphics, and Bar Code Labels

The Thermal Printmaster from About Packaging Robotics Inc. is suitable for Tyvek and other flexible packaging materials.

A machine can print directly on packages at rates from 4 to 10 in./sec. The Thermal Printmaster from About Packaging Robotics Inc. can handle items that are 1.5 to 10 in. wide and provide a maximum print width of 8.5 in. The 300-dpi near-edge printer gives users the appearance of preprinted pouches and the flexiblity of on-demand product identification. The unit is suitable for Tyvek and other flexible packaging materials.

The ribbon-saving technology results in approximately 10 mm of unused ribbon per impression. The tabletop printer features a rugged steel printing platform, high-resolution print capability, excellent copy registration, and a stepper motor–driven infeed to ensure positive automatic feed of a wide range of varnished, polished, or porous flat products.

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