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Increasing Surgical Precision

Increasing Surgical Precision
Image of PhantomMSK software in use. (This particular example is not a trauma patient, according to a spokesperson.) Image courtesy of OrthoGrid Systems.
OrthoGrid Systems’s new PhantomMSK Trauma aims to correct fluoroscopic imaging distortion.

This spring orthopedic trauma surgeons will have a new digital tool for implant, instrument, and anatomic alignment procedures that rely on fluoroscopic imaging—PhantomMSK Trauma, which just received FDA 510(K) clearance. Created by OrthoGrid Systems, the PhantomMSK platform aims to correct image distortion caused by external electromagnetic interference and the mapping of the planar image on a curved input phosphor, the company explained in a news release. Such distortion can impact image integrity and risk malalignment. In addition to PhantomMSK Trauma, the platform supports Hip and Hip Preservation applications.

“Our solutions empower surgeons by providing situational awareness at crucial decision-making points,” Edouard Saget, CEO and co-founder of OrthoGrid, told MD+DI. “Increased surgical precision results in outcome predictability that can contribute to creating stability and consistency for the surgeon in cases as well as improving patient satisfaction scores to maximize reimbursement.”

PhantomMSK Trauma employs software features along with proprietary algorithms to correct fluoroscopic image distortion, the company reported. The fluoroscopic image is acquired from a C-arm displayed outside the sterile field, where the image analysis tools can be used at the surgeon’s discretion.

The platform can be used with all manufacturer devices across multiple procedures. “Our software solutions are device-agnostic or universal, meaning they work with any c-arm device and for any medical device implant. Our technical footprint is very light, making the solution easy to use,” Saget said. “Additionally, our solutions work across many procedure types. This is very unique in the orthopedics industry where technology tends to be specific to the treatment area or procedure.”

The PhantomMSK Trauma application will be available in spring 2020.

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