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Veridiam Medical Opens Prototyping Center

Article-Veridiam Medical Opens Prototyping Center


Veridiam Medical Opens Prototyping Center

Veridiam Medical's prototyping center will facilitate a smooth transition for fabricated components from the prototyping stage to preproduction and production phases.

Contract manufacturer Veridiam Medical (San Diego) has announced the opening of a prototyping center at its facility in Oceanside, CA, committed to expediting time to market. The service provider specializes in the fabrication of assemblies, machined parts, and tubular components for endoscopy, arthroscopy, dental, orthopedic, and vascular applications.

"This is something we have wanted to do to support our customers' needs for quite a while," comments John Tyszka, director of sales and quality systems at the Oceanside facility. "We are now able to deliver a more-robust product faster, but with the same quality our customers have come to expect."

Operating a dedicated prototype center will facilitate a smoother transition from the prototyping stage to preproduction and production phases, according to the company. Also benefitting customers is the center's ability to accommodate submitted designs, refine designs, or create original product designs from scratch in collaboration with the customer. And, in addition to being staffed with machinists and engineers, the center will have a customer service representative to directly interact with clients throughout the development process--an advantage that Veridiam claims sets it apart from other prototype services.

Although equipment will be added in the future based on customer need, the prototype center currently is equipped with a range of systems that includes a Star SR-20R III CNC Swiss-style machine, a Eguro CNC turning center, and a four-axis milling machine.

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