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Thermistor Provides Ultrafast Response

Article-Thermistor Provides Ultrafast Response

Originally Published MPMN May 2004


Thermistor Provides Ultrafast Response

The probe can be used in a variety of medical applications

Susan Wallace
The Glass Fast Time Response probe from BetaTherm Sensors offers responses in as little as 30 milliseconds. 

A thermistor probe with a time response of 30 milliseconds (in liquids) is suitable for a wide range of instrumentation and medical uses. Examples include catheters, hypodermic needles, and other applications requiring the measurement of small volumes of liquids and gases.

The Glass Fast Time Response miniature probe is offered by BetaTherm Sensors (Schrewsbury, MA). It consists of a hermetically sealed glass-encapsulated thermistor welded to insulated extension leads. The welded joints are potted in a polyimide tube with an epoxy compound to provide general protection and strain relief. The glass-encapsulated thermistor bead extends from the tube to optimize thermal response characteristics. The design also keeps overall bead diameters as small as possible.

The thermistor measures 0.014 in. OD. This makes it suitable for insertion into small housings, large instrumentation, or analytical equipment. The units are offered in industry-standard resistance values. Custom lead types and lengths are available. The typical dissipation constant for the probes is 0.3 mW per degree centigrade in air.

BetaTherm Corp. 
910 Turnpike Rd.
Shrewsbury, MA 01545
tel: 508/842-0516
fax: 508/842-0748

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