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Supplier Eases Access to Manufacturing in China

Article-Supplier Eases Access to Manufacturing in China


Among other services, Eastek offers CNC machining at its China facility.
Eastek International has launched a service that enables device companies to establish a China-based manufacturing program. Eastek provides injection-molded plastics, assembled printed circuit boards, transformers and magnetics, metal stamping, and full turnkey assembly of finished goods within its factories in China.

The program, Eastek Access, provides a factory-within-a-factory system that helps customers set up their own operation within six months. The customer manages the operation within the Eastek plant so that it can lay the groundwork for an independent manufacturing base. “The customer fully controls factors such as engineering, production scheduling, sourcing and supplier selection, and quality assurance,” says Joe Rocco, president of Eastek. “Eastek provides the plant, the labor, and any of the Eastek Access services required for a successful program.” The company offers contract manufacturing services for components or for subassemblies to medical device OEMs.

The Eastek Access program provides device OEMs a range of manufacturing services, including:

  • Design engineering and manufacturing.
  • Sourcing and supply-chain management.
  • Purchasing.
  • Supervision, management, and labor.
  • Quality assurance, as well as legal expertise.
  • Shipping and receiving.
  • Program management.
  • Local government relations.
  • Import and export licensing and monitoring.
Eastek's building houses manufacturing capabilities and serves as an incubator site for medical device OEMs to bring their own operations to China.

Eastek teams in both the United States and China ensure communication throughout the process, along with real-time support, and intellectual property protection under U.S. laws.

“Eastek Access takes into account the complexities of establishing a manufacturing operation in China,” says Rocco. That includes the time it takes to identify a location, the cost of hiring the expertise, and the process of navigating China's legal landscape. “The process can be costly, time-consuming, and stressful when trying it on your own,” he says.

“This new service presents an economical strategy for customers because they can leverage our experience and resources in this market, allowing for an earlier entry point into China than might have been achieved using other methods.”

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