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Staying Cool, Calm, and Collected While Milling Challenging Metals

Emuge's TiNox-Cut end mills machine the heat-resistant metals commonly used in such applications as orthopedic devices.

Stainless steels such as Super Duplex, nickel alloys such as Inconel and Stellite, and all grades of titanium can be difficult to machine because they offer high heat resistance. When faced with these materials, standard end mills often don't make the cut. But help is on the way from Emuge Corp., whose TiNox-Cut end mills are designed to machine the heat-resistant metals commonly used in such applications as orthopedic devices.

"The design of our new end mills follows a three-pronged approach," states Stephen Jean, Emuge's milling product manager. "They are specially ground to handle challenging metals, they are made from a tough grade of carbide to maximize wear resistance, and they feature a coating that resists high heat levels." Consisting of titanium and aluminum nitride, this lubricious coating is deposited in many nanothin layers. It has an overall thickness of 3 µm, can withstand temperatures of more than 1800°F, and resists the friction-generated heat caused during the milling process, according to Jean.

"Milling and machining are essentially destructive processes," he comments. "On a microscale, they're destructive to the cutting tool as well as the workpiece." All of the elements of Emuge's TiNox-Cut end mills, including their carbide material and their coating, help minimize tool wear. This, in turn, enables the tool to maximize material removal, Jean notes.

Ranging in diameter from 6 to 20 mm, the mills have an optimized cutting-edge design and reduced neck diameters, enabling them to achieve maximum effective cutting lengths. They also combine tight ISO H5 shank tolerance with a roughened surface finish to increase tool holder clamping potential.

"The mills are suitable for roughing and finishing operations," according to Jean, "and they come in three designs: two four-flute roughing and finishing models and an extralong five-flute finishing model." Available with flat ends or with a selection of corner radii, the roughing and finishing mills have internal coolant and lubricant capability and also feature a serrated profile for chip breaking during roughing operations. Offering added stability and minimal deflection in long-reach applications, the five-flute finishing end mills are also available with various corner radii and feature length-to-cutting diameter ratios of 3 × diameter and
4 × diameter.

"Our end mills feature favorable geometries and novel cutting dynamics, enabling them to convert challenging materials and form rake angles," Jean says. "But what really makes them cutting edge are their advanced construction materials and heat-resistant dual coating, which prevent them from cracking under stress."

Emuge Corp.
West Boylston, MA

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