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Products from the MPMN Mailbox

Article-Products from the MPMN Mailbox

Originally Published MPMN September 2005


Products from the MPMN Mailbox

Electrical Test Machine

A high-speed, step–repeat electrical tester can be used for testing high-density double-sided and multilayer circuits. The MR402 electrical tester from Yamaha Fine Technologies Co. Ltd. (Hamamatsu, Japan; is designed to improve process control and ensure electrical integrity of circuit boards. Available for flexible circuits and thin rigid boards, the machine’s automatic conveyor systems handles thin laminates without damaging them. The machine can test circuits with 70 μm pitch pads or traces with ± 5 μm accuracy. The MR402 can be configured for both in-process testing and final electrical verification. Simultaneous dual-side testing can be performed with microprobe fixtures. An automatic step–repeat mechanism allows for open–short tests over the entire surface of the boards. The multifunctional software provides autopositioning with correction retry and pressure control.

Fiber Optic Medical Probes

A company has expanded its offering of probes for use in the medical industry. Luxtron (Santa Clara, CA; has released additional RF and MR-compatible probes and fiber optic instruments for medical research applications. One of the firm’s products, the I652 industrial monitor, provides a simple fiber optic monitor that requires initial calibration, with no recalibration needed. The company’s temperature sensors are suitable for medical treatments and research involving MR, RF, microwave, and electrical biases. The probes are nonmetallic and electrically nonconductive, and are immune to electromagnetic interference. As a result, the probes can accurately measure temperatures in environments where conventional electrical sensors may be ineffective.

Pump Head

A pump head features automatic tubing retention for quick setup or changeover. The Masterflex L/S Easy-Load 3 pump head from The Barnant Co. (Barrington, IL; includes a “twist-lock” mounting feature to mount single- or multiple-stacked heads without tools or hardware. Up to four pump heads can be stacked for increased flow capacity or multiple-channel applications, and a mounting plate adapts the new head to all Masterflex L/S drives. The pump heads are suitable for applications that require quick tubing changes. A spring-loaded lever on the unit opens the occlusion bed and simultaneously retracts the tubing retainers so tubing slips right in. when the pump head is closed, the retainers automatically grip, securely holding the tubing in place. The occlusion bed applies optimal occlusion force to all accepted tubing sizes, and the head’s wide occlusion angle prevents fluid backflow. A precision tubing model and a high-performance precision tubing model are available, offering flow ranges of 0.06 to 2300 mL/min and 1.7 to 2900 mL/min, respectively.

Connector System

The performance of a fiber optic connection is combined with the versatility of a rugged industrial connector in a duplex connector system. The Optical Industrial LC Duplex connector system from Molex Inc. (Lisle, IL; features assemblies with push–pull insertion and a bayonet-style mechanical latch to ensure an environmentally sealed optical connection in just one step. Its bulkhead adapter is designed with a sealed panel feed-through design for easy installation into enclosures. The removable connector provides sealing between both the adapter mating surface, as well as the cable exiting the connector. The system works with any standard fiber type and is available in both single and multimode styles. It offers moisture and dust protection, along with a temperature range of –40 to +85° C.

Compressed Gas Adapter

A compressed gas adapter can detect the microbial content of compressed gases in an area. Biotest Diagnostics Corp. (Denville, NJ; offers its RCS compressed gas adapter for use in areas where specific microbial counts must not be exceeded. Used in conjunction with the validated RCS Plus, RCS High Flow, or RCS Isolator microbial air samplers, the adapter provides a measurement of high and low concentrations of microbes in isolators and laminar flow environments, as well as in sterile and aseptic production lines. The adapter is part of the Hycon system, a line of products used for environmental monitoring which includes air samplers, particle counters, and contact slides for surface sampling.

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