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Products Featured on the Cover

Products Featured on the Cover

July/August 1997

In-line filter units designed for TNA emulsions with lipids

A vented, in-line device can be used for pump-driven filtration of total nutrient admixture (TNA) emulsions with lipids. Each Nutrivex filter contains 10 sq cm of polyethersulfone membrane for quantitative removal of particles measuring larger than 1.2 µm. A hydrophobic air vent provides air elimination. The polyester housing enables the unit to be sterilized by gamma or E-beam radiation or EtO. Millipore Corp., 80 Ashby Rd., Bedford, MA 01730. (800/645-5476)

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Metal finishes improve performance of medical devices

With a surface hardness approaching that of case-hardened steel, two proprietary metal coatings can improve the durability, corrosion resistance, and lubricity of medical devices. NiCoTef coating is deposited through a controlled chemical reaction, making it possible to coat internal surfaces and complex parts otherwise difficult to protect and lubricate. The Nituff aluminum-finishing process enhances the properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys, often permitting the substitution of aluminum for heavier metals. Nimet Industries Inc., 2424 N. Foundation Dr., South Bend, IN 46619. (219/287-7239)

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Heat-shrink tubing available for medical applications

A family of medical-grade, heat-shrink, single-wall tubing provides good physical and electrical properties and is made of a material that meets USP Class VI requirements. The Altera tubing can be sterilized by gamma or E-beam radiation or EtO; some formulations can accommodate steam or dry heat sterilization. Medical applications include surgical and electrosurgical instruments, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, and catheter systems. Sizes range from 0.007 to 1.5 in., and walls as thin as 0.0025 in. can be achieved. Raychem Corp., 300 Constitution Dr., Menlo Park, CA 94025. (800/926-2425)

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