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Products and Services: Flow-Control Components

Low-Pressure Sensors
Offered by Servoflo Corp., MS4515-series pressure sensors for low-pressure measurement come with an analog or digital output and are available in various calibration ranges from 0-2 in.H2O to 0-30 in.H2O. These ceramic-based, PCB-mount sensors use CMOS signal-conditioning circuitry. The analog version provides a ratiometric voltage output, whereas the digital model delivers 14-bit digital output for pressure and 11-bit output for temperature in the I2C or SPI protocol. Both models are fully calibrated and compensated, with a total error band of less than 1% over the compensated range. Operating from a single 3.3- or 5.0-V-dc power supply as standard, the sensors can also be supplied in a low-power design.
Servoflo Corp.

Pressure Sensors
KMA-series OEM pressure sensors measure gauge pressures of corrosive and aggressive gases and liquids over ranges of 7 to 1450 psi. Offered by Sensortechnics, the sensors use internal digital signal conditioning to deliver calibrated and temperature-compensated 0.5- to 4.5-V output signals. They are based on accurate and long-term-stable ceramic pressure cells that are compatible with challenging media and fit within a small stainless-steel housing. The components also come with a variety of custom options, including a choice of O-ring materials and pressure fittings, a parylene coating on the pressure cell for added protection against harsh environments, and special pressure ranges. To ensure safe measurement of gaseous-oxygen pressure, the manufacturer employs production and cleaning processes that keep the sensors free of oil and other combustible contaminants.

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