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Olympus introduces BX63 motorized research microscope with customizable workspace, automated X,Y,Z

Olympus has introduced the BX63 motorized upright advanced research microscope with fully automated control. The new microscope system enables users to design their own personalized workspace and workflow for comfort, accuracy and efficiency. It features a sleek touch-panel control that works like a tablet computer, offering fingertip control of both stage position and focus, along with other automated features and accessories. The BX63 system is designed for use with Olympus UIS2 optics, renowned for their ultra-sharp, brilliant images and long working distances.

The BX63 can be personalized with total flexibility in how each user manages the entire microscopy and imaging process. Users control all observation and image-capture functions with the ultra-easy, programmable touch-screen (the user interface is patent pending). With a quick slide of the finger, they can change the objective, mirror unit and observation method, navigate the specimen's XY position and adjust focus. A traditional, detachable remote-control handset also is available and offers easy-to-use buttons for focus, stage position, observation method, objective, mirror and light intensity. The XY stage control can be placed on either side of, or even separated from, the main control unit. The microscope also can be operated via powerful, easy-to-use cellSens software. The BX63 automates stage and focus position, along with condenser position, aperture stop, field stop, polarizer, fluorescence shutter, mirror turret position and light intensity for maximum efficiency and ease of use regardless of configuration.

A key new feature of the BX63 is the three-point mounted fixed stage with focusing nosepiece, which creates a stable sample surface that does not suffer from the "stage-sag" of traditional stage-focusing microscopes. The stage utilizes ultrasonic piezo technology to move the sample silently and precisely. The position of the stage also can be manipulated by hand to speed specimen loading and for gross adjustment of the stage position.

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