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Nickel-Free Shape-Memory Alloy Introduced

Originally Published MPMN October 2001

Nickel-Free Shape-Memory Alloy Introduced

A titanium-based shape-memory alloy is constructed without nickel to increase manufacturability and eliminate some biocompatibility concerns. With material properties that fall between standard titanium and nitinol alloys, the new material from Memry Corp. (Bethel, CT; offers elasticity in situations in which allergies prohibit the use of conventional shape-memory metals. The material has a strain recovery of 3.5%; most nitinol products can bend up to 8%, and titanium devices, 0.6 to 0.8%. In addition to elasticity, the new material also offers the benefit of being easy to weld and join.

Possible applications include orthodontic and implantable and nonimplantable surgical devices. According to CEO James Binch, the material can also be used to make orthopedic devices. "Because it is biocompatible and offers greater elasticity than normal titanium, it is a very close match to bone structure, even those areas that flex."

Zachary Turke

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