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MPMN October 1997: Products Featured on the Cover

MPMN October 1997: Products Featured on the Cover

Brushless dc motors offer long life and high performance

A line of dc motors offers brushless longevity and slotless performance with brush manufacturability. To accommodate a variety of applications, the Elcom II motors can be configured for back EMF, Hall sensor, or optical encoder commutation. Other features include gearheads, timing belt pulleys, cables and connectors, and modified shafts. Special configurations are also available. The Series 3400 version measures 30 x 30 x 53 mm and provides maximum continuous torque of 25.0 mN-m. Pittman, 343 Godshall Dr., Harleysville, PA 19438. Phone: 215/256-6601.

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Heat-seal press suitable for medical product manufacturing

Capable of sealing areas measuring up to 24 x 36 in., a heat-seal shuttle press can be used for packaging medical products as well as for manufacturing devices made with thermoplastic films. The press can be fully validated and provides complete control of temperature, time, and pressure. The company's Accu-Temp impulse heat system continually monitors and adjusts the temperature of the heat-seal band to within 3 degrees of the desired setting. An optional data logger records the sealing parameters of each cycle, providing useful documentation for FDA validation. Packworld USA, 539 S. Main St., Nazareth, PA 18064. Phone: 610/746-2765.

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Specialty compounds can be molded or extruded

Suitable for manufacturing a variety of medical devices, specialty compounds have been formulated to meet extrusion or molding requirements for flexible, semirigid, and rigid applications. Materials are engineered to achieve features such as gel-free clarity, color stability after sterilization, radiopacity, migration resistance, and slipperiness with DEHP, phthalate-free, and halogen-free alternatives. Recent product introductions include a line of compounds that use vegetable-derived stabilizers and lubricants rather than bovine derivatives for increased clarity and gamma stability. AlphaGary Corp., 170 Pioneer Dr., P.O. Box 808, Leominster, MA 01453. Phone: 800/221-6599.

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