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Motors and Motion Control

Originally Published MPMN July/August 2005


Motors and Motion Control

Step motors

A line of IP65-rated motors includes sizes 17 and 23. The series is suited for use in potentially damaging environments. The motors are totally protected against dust and are guaranteed to withstand low-pressure jets of water sprayed from all directions from a distance of 3 m. The coating on the motors is FDA approved. Lin Engineering, Santa Clara, CA

Cleanroom robot

A cleanroom robot has a cleanliness rating of Class 100. The LR Mate 200iB/5C is suitable for material handling for optical and magnetic media, flat-panel displays, clean injection molding, and other applications where particle emissions must be tightly controlled. Fanuc Robotics, Rochester Hills, MI

Ceramic servomotors

Ceramic servomotors are available for precision motion control applications. The motors are suited for operation in standard, vacuum, and UHV environments. The design is offered in complete nonmagnetic versions with no intrinsic magnetic field, or in magnetic materials for use in such applications as MRI, E-beam, and ion beam. The direct-drive technology supports linear and rotary motion and positioning, minimizing parts and simplifying system design. Nanomotion, Ronkonkoma, NY

Gearmotor with encoder

A miniature integrated dc motor, gear train, and encoder assembly measures 0.63 in. outer diameter by 2.46 in. long. The HG16-series dc gearmotor is available in 12 models with voltages at 6, 12, and 24 V, in combination with four gear ratios of 30:1, 60:1, 120:1, and 240:1. The rated torque varies from 3.47 to 6.94 oz-in. An optional miniature encoder enables the user to accurately position the gearmotor in increments of 75, 150, 160, and 200 positions per revolution. Gearmotor no-load speeds range from 390 rpm in the 30:1 model down to 60 rpm in the 240:1 model. Nidec Copal USA Inc., Torrance, CA

Brushless torque motors

A series of brushless torque motors is intended for direct-drive applications in large-inertia load systems, such as diagnostic scanning and radiation therapy equipment. Megaflux motors are also suitable for small handheld medical devices. The units deliver stall torque ranging from 7mN•m up to 2020 N•m. Diameter sizes range from 19.3 to 792 mm. Custom sizes are available by special order. Emoteq Corp., an Allied Motion Co., Englewood, CO

Servo motor feedback system

A multiturn rotary encoder tracks absolute position over 4096 turns and features a minimum number of components to allow miniature and subminiature motor manufacturers to shorten the overall length of their products. The design of the gearbox includes only three stages of operation. The SKM 36 features technology that includes a track radius of 2 mm. This permits full scanning of the entire code disc that compensates for such errors common to conventional systems. Sick Stegmann Inc., Dayton, OH

Brush servo driver

A fully programmable dc servo driver and controller requires little or no tuning when used with most motors measuring less than 1.5 in. in diameter. The EZSV10 measures 0.95 ¥ 1.4 ¥ 0.6 in. A single four-wire bus can daisy-chain up to 16 dc motors simultaneously. The driver and controller accept high-level commands from a serial port to control motors at 1.5 A continuous, from 12 to 40 V. All Motion Inc., San Jose, CA

Integrated stepper motor

An integrated stepper motor and drive package is based on a NEMA size-23 motor. According to the company, the SMD23 is approximately half the cost of a conventional stepper motor and driver configuration. Unlike separate stepper motors and drives that are built independently of each other using parts and labor unique to each assembly process, the unit uses processors and engineering to reduce manufacturing time. Advanced Micro Circuits Inc., Terryville, CT

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