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Multimaterial plastic molding

A company provides a number of manufacturing capabilities, such as single- and multishot injection, thermoset-compression, and insert molding. The company has experience working with a range of engineered materials, from soft-touch thermoplastic elastomers to high-impact polymers. The company says it specializes in multishot injection molding because it eliminates the need for secondary operations and leaves permanent markings. Additional services include engineering, in-house decorating, and finishing operations.
Rogan Corp., Northbrook, IL

Custom injection molding

A supplier of full-service medical contract manufacturing and custom injection molding produces Class I, II, and III medical devices, components, and final assemblies. Capabilities include multishot, insert, and overmolding, in addition to postmold decorating. A recently constructed Class 100,000 cleanroom in Ireland features full-scale medical molding and assembly operations. The company’s cleanrooms are certified to ISO and CGMP standards.
Moll Medical, a div. of Moll Industries Inc., Dallas, TX

Injection molding services

A company’s Class 100,000 cleanroom features seven injection molding machines ranging from 22 to 50 tn of clamp force. Material is vacuum-conveyed through the wall from blenders and dryers located outside the cleanroom, and sprue pickers or conveyors separate parts. Automated packaging machines result in minimal human contact. Additional plant
space houses 10 molding machines, as well as tooling facilities.
Master Tool and Mold, York, PA

Machinery for dip molding

With a concentration on dip molding and dip coating, a company offers a computer-controlled robotic dip molding unit for batch dipping. Dip molding is suited for such applications as gloves, catheters, bellows, tubing, implants, and stents. The Diplomat is designed for use with a range of polymer materials, including natural latex rubber, nitrile, neoprene, polyurethane, plastisol (PVC), butyl latex, and silicone. Multiple drying and curing options are available including UV light, force-heated air, and steam systems.
DipTech Systems Inc., Kent, OH

Molding equipment

A supplier of molding equipment and services provides hot-runner systems and nozzles aimed at controlling shear-induced heat, residence time of the resin in the system, system pressure, and gating. The company’s nozzles feature an UltraSeal spring that preloads the nozzle to ensure a seal-off, preventing leakage during start-up, operation, and mold or color changes.
In less thermally demanding injection molding processes, the spring can widen a hot-runner operating window by ±100°C.
Husky Injection Molding Systems, Bolton, ON, Canada

Injection molding services for optics

Providing injection molding of polymer optics, a company combines molding capabilities with metrology in order to produce optics used in imaging, scanning, and detecting applications. Building on a foundation of plastics molding and fabrication experience, the firm offers injection-molded spherical and aspheric lenses, mirrors, Fresnel or diffractive optics, and microlens arrays. The company employs Nissei injection molding machines and robots on its production floor.
G-S Plastic Optics, Rochester, NY

Full-service injection molding

Specializing in full-service injection molding and electronics assembly, a company services the medical monitoring industry. The firm molds a range of plastic and plastic alloy materials. Its facility is certified to ISO 13485 requirements.
Merit Cables, Santa Ana, CA

Dip and slush molding services

A company experienced in dip and slush molding offers design services and product development for thin-film disposable products. In addition, the company supplies products such as latex and coag defoamers and antifoams, Foamnix, Freesil, dewebbers for glove manufacturing, antitack additives, latex scenting, and microencapsulation of scents in latex for use in the dip molding process. The firm provides technical assistance in determining the best manufacturing process for a concept or device, and how to employ a range of materials in dip and slush molding. Polymer experience includes latex, polyurethane, silicone, polyisoprene, nitrile, PVC, and polychloroprene.
PolyTech Synergies LLC, Canal Fulton, OH

Robots for injection molding

Designed for insert molding automation applications, a robot has a touch screen with insert molding and stacking programming included. The TSIII Alpha Series Traverse Robot features a three-axis servo with a two-axis servo wrist for changing molds and adjusting tight insert locations from –0.05 to 0.05 mm with a location pin. The company’s automatic sprue and parts-picking robot, the TOP IV, is also available. A 0.7-second take-out cycle, small footprint, noncontact proximity sensor, and low-friction linear roller guide are among the machine’s features.
Hyrobotics Corp., St. Charles, MO

Precision molding

A company performs a number of services ranging from design and development to project management to ensure that a customer’s product is optimally molded. A manufacturer of OEM products for the medical industry, the company produces precision components and molds engineering-grade thermoplastics in its cleanroom. The company provides insert molding, electric presses for precision molding and repeatability, high-temperature process capacities, automated systems, and lot-traceable materials. Prototype and production molds are also available.
Injectech LLC, Loveland, CO

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