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MD&DI 25th Anniversary Trivia Contest Results

Originally Published MDDI October 2004 NEWSTRENDS MD&DI 25th Anniversary Trivia Contest Results Questions and Answers:

Originally Published MDDI October 2004


MD&DI 25th Anniversary Trivia Contest Results

Questions and Answers:

Which author has been a member of MD&DI's editorial advisory board since its inception?
Robert Reich

Larry Oster was a pseudonym for whom? James G. Dickinson

FDA's concern about packaging-related product failures helped prompt which two physical test methods?
Seal strength testing and leakage integrity testing

What are the five founding members of the Global Harmonization Task Force?
Australia, Canada, the European Union, Japan, and the United States

Who are the members of the Bow Tie Team? Wilson Greatbatch, William Chardack, and Andrew Gage

What was AdvaMed's original name?
Health Industry Manufacturers Association (HIMA)

What is reimbursement's “Rosetta Stone”? Reasonable and

Which MD&DI pioneer is the son of a Nobel Prize winner?
William P. Murphy

Who celebrated the birth of the Investigational Device Exemptions with a birthday cake?
Nancy J. Stark

How many pages was a typical 510 (k) submission in 1976?
Five pages


William Calvo, East Hills, NY

Bill Chen, Irvine, CA

Toni Chontas, Colorado Springs, CO

Sharon Coffey, Trumbull, CT

Steffan Delloff, Fair Lawn, NJ

Amber Ficht, Irvine, CA

Mary Ann Fitzgerald, Rockville, MD

Laura A. Halper, Plano, TX

William Hennig, Parsipanny, NJ

Dan Kao, Irvine, CA

Jenni McVay, Colorado Springs, CO

Glen Mizelle, San Clemente, CA

Chris Mortis, Danvers, MA

Art Nakahara, Yorba Linda, CA

Neil Nye, Minneapolis, MN

S. Orelove, Chicago, IL

Patrick Pigott, Dallastown, PA

Katherine Powell,
University Park, PA

Lillian Quintero,
Chester, NY

Bryan Ray,
Cheshire, CT

Richard Reinwald,
Orange, CT

Linda Reynolds,
Warren, NJ

Mark Romach,
Spenurport, NY

Oliver Smith,
Valley Center, CA

Anne Sommer,
St. Louis, MO

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