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IoPP Honors Device Industry Packaging

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Originally published December 1995

Medical device industry winners of the Institute of Packaging Professionals (IoPP; Herndon, VA) 1996 AmeriStar Packaging Competition were announced at an awards ceremony held in Anaheim, California, last October, in conjunction with the Westpack 95 conference and exhibition.

The annual competition honors entries in 11 categories, including medical device packaging. Winners are selected by a panel of packaging industry experts and academics.

In the device category, the competition's gold star for 1995 was awarded to Nalge Co. (Rochester, NY) for its micro packaging vials. The vials are used for the packaging and shipment of small-volume diagnostic and molecular biology reagents. According to the company, the vials represent an improvement over previous models because they do not use O-rings that are prone to leaking or falling out, permitting the introduction of contaminants.

The second-place silver star was awarded to Boston Scientific Corp. (Watertown, MA) for its use of phosphorescent labeling on an esophageal catheter package. The labels are incorporated in the device package as well as on the shaft of the catheter and are intended to facilitate gastroenterological work in a room darkened during dilatation of an esophageal stricture. According to Robert Thompson, senior packaging engineer at Boston Scientific, gastroenterologists must often work in the dark in order to accurately view images on a video screen. "Phosphorescent labeling can eliminate a source of difficulty caused when the physician's eyes are exposed to light during complicated procedures," he says.

The bronze star was awarded to Sealed Air Corp. (Sycamore, IL) for its Korrvu suspension package for a cardiac monitor manufactured by Cardiac Evaluation Center, Inc. (CEC; Milwaukee). The package protects the product from shock, vibration, and impact by enclosing it between two close-fitting layers of plastic film suspended in the air space of the corrugated shipping container. The suspension design of the package also reduces the amount of packaging material required for the device.

For further information about the Ameristar Packaging Competition, contact Kathleen Deeney, IoPP membership services manager, at 703/318-8970.

--Steven Halasey

(This article originally appeared in the December 1995 issue of Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry. © 1995 CanonCommunications, Inc. All rights reserved.)

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