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Focus on Laser Processing Equipment

Article-Focus on Laser Processing Equipment

 Wire Strippers Process Fine Wires for Complex Devices

Selectively removing dielectric insulation and adhesives from wire, laser wire strippers do not cause damage to conductors, thus satisfying strict standards for stripping wires in complex electrical devices. The laser technology employed by the Sienna strippers eliminates concerns about replacing blades and other consumables, disposing of hazardous chemicals, and meeting electrical current requirements. Laser stripping can offer practical advantages for processing the very fine wires--down to 0.001 in. OD or 50 AWG--that are used in such medical device applications as medical imaging systems, ultrasound transducers, and intravascular devices.
Spectrum Technologies plc, Bridgend, Glamorgan, UK

Fiber-Laser System Marks Precisely, Ensures Sterility

A compact galvanometer-based fiber-laser system is specifically designed for placing permanent identifying codes on small, sensitive medical products while supporting their ability to be effectively sterilized. Operating with precision at speeds to 1000 characters per second, the industrial-grade SpeedMarker FL is suited for marking implants and other metal devices without affecting the smoothness of the substrate or exposing it to heat or chemicals. The durable system can mark moving parts on the fly. It can be used as a stand-alone system or integrated into an existing assembly line.
Trotec Laser Inc., Ypsilanti, MI

Cutting Center Processes Thin and Thick Materials Quickly

A high-throughput laser cutting center that processes thick and thin flat-stock material has a fast-cutting 5000-W laser resonator, an advanced cutting head, instantly adjustable optics, and a third-generation linear motor drive. Designed to offer cutting precision and material versatility, the CL-850 cuts 18-gauge steel at speeds up to 1000 in./min and can process mild steel as thick as 11/8 in. The machine is available in models with 5 × 10- and 6 × 12-ft cutting tables, each of which features dual pallets that move simultaneously to effect workpiece changes in seconds and allow virtually continuous cutting. Heavyweight 3/4- to 11/2-in. plate construction provides rigidity against dynamic machine forces. Suited for cutting large parts or batch-processing smaller parts, the system offers dynamic positioning accuracy of ±0.001 in. at high cutting speeds.
Cincinnati Inc., Cincinnati

Welding System Uses Stencil for Patterned Bonding

In order to join plastic parts in medical device assembly, a patented welding process employs a collimated laser beam or curtain of light. A mask blocks out the transmission of laser energy selectively as the laser scans the part; the laser beam reaches only the surface areas not obscured by the mask. Thus, the mask shape, or stencil, determines the pattern of weld produced. Because a laser is used, the equipment bonds parts without creating particles, introducing other contamination, or marring the component surface. The minimal heat-affected zone allows welding near sensitive device structures.
Leister Technologies LLC, Itasca, IL

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