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Flow Control

Article-Flow Control

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Flow Control

Diaphragm valves

Featuring high temperature and chemical resistance, a line of diaphragm valves is suitable for applications where temperatures fluctuate across a wide range, up to 80°C. The valves are constructed from virgin, unpigmented PVDF; physical properties of the material include abrasion resistance, impact strength, and a wide operating temperature range. A position indicator is incorporated, as well as a red snap-on handwheel to simplify installation. A lockable handle
is optional. The valves can be pneumatically actuated for automated control.
GF Piping Systems, Tustin, CA

Fixed-flow orifices

Designed to serve as replacements for needle valves, fixed-flow orifices provide long-term calibration. The ruby and sapphire orifices are nearly chemically inert and do not present flash points, oxidize, or outgas, making them suitable for medical-gas applications. A number of fittings and filters are offered by the company to help design engineers integrate the orifices into their applications.
Bird Precision, Waltham, MA


Vortex-shedding flowmeters offer consistent flows of cooling water, water-based machine coolants, and water or glycol mixtures. The flowmeters are designed to measure and monitor the cooling flows in automated and robotic machining, molding, and fabrication operations. They are available in pipe sizes ranging from 0.25 to 4 in., providing 4- to 20-mA transmitter flow rates at 0.4 to 600 gal/min. CoolPoint models in 0.5- to 2-in. pipe sizes feature ±1% full-scale accuracy; ±2% full-scale accuracy is standard on all models, as is
flow repeatability of ±0.25% of actual flow. The meters have no moving parts.
Universal Flow Monitors Inc., Hazel Park, MI


A pump is designed to minimize the adverse load applied to motors without compromising precision. Measuring 28 × 28 × 120.5 mm, the pump’s backlash is between four and five pulses, depending on the model. Ten standardized models are available and all can be modified to meet custom applications. The plunger seal is capable of lasting 1,500,000 cycles, according to the company.
Sanwa Tsusho Co., Tokyo, japan

Check valve

A one-way check valve provides free flow in the forward direction and minimal backflow leakage. The Supravalve is designed for medical applications where a reliable valve is needed to prevent solution backflow at a low pressure differential. Offering air purging in less than 3 seconds, minimal air entrapment, and checking and pressure integrity, the valve is compatible with standard 3.2-mm ID tubing. The silicone duckbill meets USP Class VI requirements.
Small Parts Inc., MIRAMAR, FL

Solenoid valve

Providing a flow rate that is linearly proportional to the input current, a single-stage solenoid valve has a capacity that exceeds 200 standard liters per minute over an inlet-pressure range of 30–90 psi. Typical maximum power consumption at full flow is 11 W. Friction is eliminated due to the valve design, which incorporates a suspended armature and a sealed poppet. Low hysteresis and bubble-tight sealing enable high repeatability. Response times are approximately 20 milliseconds at 10–90% flow capacity. The valve is currently available in 5-, 12-, or 24-V dc versions for manifold mounting in liquid or gaseous systems.
South Bend Controls, South Bend, IN

Oxygen flowmeters

Available for use with oxygen, flowmeters feature a tube and a hood molded from impact-resistant, medical-grade Lexan material, and a machined brass base plated with a high-gloss, chrome-like finish. A durable stainless-steel stem valve ensures control throughout the flow range and provides positive flow shutoff. O-ring seals eliminate leakage, and meters are calibrated at 50-psig inlet pressure for accurate flow measurement under a variety of operating conditions.
Cole-Parmer, Vernon Hills, IL

Programmable flowmeter

Permitting accurate dosing and filling control across an array of flow-control applications, a continuous or batch-control flowmeter incorporates two 50-V dc transistor outputs, which are freely programmable and can be configured as pure switching outputs for a valve or alarm. Additionally, the outputs can be configured proportionately to flow-rate volumes as pulse outputs with a maximum of 1250 Hz. Featuring a large graphic display, the Type 8055 flowmeter is programmed locally via three keypads or by PC.
Burkert Fluid Control Systems, Irvine, CA

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