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Let’s Talk Medtech

EY Expert Discusses Pandemic’s Impact on Stressed Healthcare System

Image courtesy of EY Kaushik Bhaumik.jpg
EY’s Dr. Kaushik Bhaumik talks about healthcare's challenges on this episode of Let’s Talk Medtech.

While COVID-19 accelerated the adoption of technology in healthcare, it also illuminated existing gaps in digital care and leveraging patient data. And if not addressed, these gaps, along with other pressing healthcare issues like nursing shortages, will only further exacerbate healthcare’s existential problem. 

How can we overcome these issues and get over the digital divide? EY Americas Leader for Health Technology, Dr. Kaushik Bhaumik, guest stars on this episode of Let’s Talk Medtech to discuss possible solutions and how to move forward in pandemic-fueled healthcare system. EY provides consulting, assurance, tax, and transaction services that help solve its client's toughest issue.

“It’s been an incredible challenge,” Bhaumik said of the pandemic's impact on healthcare, during the podcast interview. “When COVID hit in early 2020, you know, the health system really was not ready for it because our healthcare system in the us, in particular, was designed for short term episodes, not these continuous periods of crisis, that a pandemic entails.”

Bhaumik pointed out that the Great Resignation is in full effect right now in healthcare facilities – mostly driven by burnout.

“We've seen a tremendous degree of burnout by both doctors and physicians and all kinds of support staff in healthcare,” Bhaumik said. Couple that with an aging nursing population, nursing is, is a profession that skews higher on the age category. We’re seeing a lot of them drop out as a result of this.”

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