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Enhancing Training, Delivering Value

Article-Enhancing Training, Delivering Value


Medtronic's gastroenterology diagnostics division needed a more flexible way to train gastroenterologists and gastrointestinal nurses and technicians on the use of its Bravo pH monitoring system, a catheter-free method for measuring esophageal acid exposure. Due to high employee turnover in the sector, client hospitals and clinics were constantly training new personnel on use of the system. As a result, Medtronic wanted to provide a convenient and effective way to train hospital clinicians on all aspects of the Bravo system without having to conduct costly offsite training. The company also wanted an accessible tool that previously trained clinicians could use as a refresher course as needed, as well as a tool that could be used to train Medtronic's new sales reps.

Interact Medical (South Bend, IN) developed an interacvie training CD-ROM that demonstrates the Medtronic Bravo system's setup, use, and data upload to a computer. The project won a bronze award in the Medical Marketing Association's 2006 In-Awe competition.
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Medtronic's training team and subject matter experts worked with Interact Medical (South Bend, IN) to develop an interactive training CD-ROM that demonstrates the Bravo system's setup, use, and data upload to a computer. The CD allows new personnel to quickly learn the use of the system on their own time and in a self-paced manner, and it is also used as a refresher course for existing users. Consequently, Medtronic has been able to reduce the cost of ongoing training at its client hospitals, thereby increasing the overall value of its product and increasing the client's return on investment in the Bravo system.

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