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Electrical Drive Keeps Injection Molding Machines Running at Peak Efficiency

Article-Electrical Drive Keeps Injection Molding Machines Running at Peak Efficiency

Originally Published MPMN March 2002


Electrical Drive Keeps Injection Molding Machines Running at Peak Efficiency
The drive package can reduce energy consumption by 38%.

A variable-feed drive package automatically adjusts pump speed to reduce electrical demand for injection molding machines from Van Dorn Demag (Strongsville, OH; www.molderactionnetwork. com). Developed in cooperation with Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, WI;, the PowerManager drive package ensures that HT-, Spectra-, and Caliber-series molders run at or near peak efficiency throughout their entire cycle.

"In this time of rising energy costs and shrinking budgets, it's getting more and more important that the molding process require as little power as possible," says Van Dorn Demag's manager of parts, operations, and sales, Dennis Ochwat. The drive package reduces energy use by sensing the actual amount needed at any moment, based on the work being performed, and adjusting the supply accordingly. "Normally, a machine pump runs at full speed all the time, whether the machine is doing any work or not," explains Ochwat. "Our drive package eliminates this waste by supplying only what the machine really needs."

According to the unit's developers, this device reduces electrical demand by up to 38%. But energy savings are not the system's only benefits. The unit also lessens wear and tear on machine components, cuts machine noise intensity by 75%, and reduces motor frame temperature by 4°F. Importantly, these savings are achieved without increasing cycle times.

The PowerManager drive package is available as an option with new injection molding machines or as a retrofit unit for existing equipment. When retrofitting, manufacturers' representatives install the drive on location to minimize the disruption of molding operations. Rockwell Automation also offers services to adapt the drive package for use with molding machines from other manufacturers.

Zachary Turke

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