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Digital Image Generator Displays Test Patterns

Article-Digital Image Generator Displays Test Patterns

Originally Published MPMN September 2005


Digital Image Generator Displays Test Patterns

Susan Shepard

A digital image generator enables users to program and display images on the latest generations of digital monitors.

The Eldim Co. (Chicago), a specialist in the optical characterization of LCD screens, is expanding its line of products by offering a digital image generator called the FPDDrive. This new drive enables users to program and display images on the latest generations of digital monitors. Used as a stand-alone device or integrated in an automated measuring system, the unit displays the test patterns required for testing and calibrating screens. It can be used in R&D, quality control, and production applications.

The FPDDrive package allows users to test and calibrate LCDs and other flat panels in end-user conditions. It can provide different driving format, fully programmable panel definition, data output format, patterns, and sequences. The module includes small, removable extension cards that can be exchanged to provide alternate interface options depending on the screen to be tested.

The available cards correspond to the current TTL, LVDS, and DVI standards. Furthermore, the FPDDrive offers a resolution of 4096 X 2048 pixels, 320-MHz sampling rate, and 24-bit color digitizing. Its USB 2.0 interface makes it polyvalent and stable.

All of the FPDDrive’s parameters are accessible directly via a familiar, intuitive program interface. A library of ActiveX functions also gives the user greater flexibility in programming and automating from other applications. The unit is a user-friendly, PC-based system.

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