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Custom Flat Cables Withstand 50 Million Flex Cycles

Originally Published MPMN March 2003


Custom Flat Cables Withstand 50 Million Flex Cycles

Product combines small bend radius with extreme flexibility

Custom cables with low-density jacketing are suited for use in diagnostic equipment and numerous other applications that require high flexibility in confined spaces.

Flexible flat cables designed to withstand tens of millions of flex cycles over small bend radii feature fluoropolymer insulation to minimize their weight and size. The HPF cables are suited for applications that require high flexibility in confined spaces. Medical diagnostic equipment is a key application, according to Leoni Tailor-Made Cable USA (Troy, MI), which previewed the product at the Electronica show in Munich in November.

The low profile of flat cables allows a smaller bend radius than conventional round cables. The use of low-friction and self-lubricating tapes further enhances the product's flexibility while reducing bending forces. Consequently, HPF cables require less force to quickly position moving parts than alternative products.

Conductors and cable components can be mixed and matched, and custom hybrid designs enable integration of a range of components from single discrete wires to fiber optics. Since all elements in a flat cable are of identical length, mechanical stress is evenly distributed among all the conductors, thus extending service life.

The materials used to fabricate the cables produce very little outgassing and minimize the release of abraded particles, making them suitable for use in cleanroom and high-vacuum environments.

The cables are available in quantities starting at 500 ft; design-to-delivery times can be as short as 3 weeks.

Norbert Sparrow

Leoni Tailor-Made Cable USA, 271 Rte. 46 West, Ste. C103, Fairfield, NJ 07004; 973/575-5511; 973/575-0428 fax;

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