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Corrugations Make Kink-Prone Tubing Flexible

Article-Corrugations Make Kink-Prone Tubing Flexible

Originally Published MPMN October 2003


Corrugations Make Kink-Prone Tubing Flexible

The product retains the chemical and electrical properties of straight-walled tubing

Tubing from NewAge Industries can be used in situations where tubing must bend around or through machinery.

Corrugated FEP tubing is suitable for those applications in which the special properties of fluoropolymer are needed and flexibility is also required. Corrtef, which was developed by NewAge Industries (Southampton, PA) is useful in situations in which tubing must bend around or through machinery, equipment, or structures, or in applications where tubing extension and compression are repeated. 

Manufactured from FDA-sanctioned ingredients, the product offers all the nonstick, electrical, and chemical-resistance properties of straight-walled, semirigid FEP tubing, which is prone to kinking when flexed. Plasticizers, which can leach into critical streams and cause contamination, are not included in the tubing. Other benefits of Corrtef include the ability to withstand repetitious flexing and bending, a clear formula that allows visual contact with the flow, a nearly zero bend radius, and vacuum capabilities of 29.9 in. Hg. 

Extension and compression do not affect the inner diameter of the tubing. The product is available in stock sizes from 1¼4 to 2 in. ID. It is supplied with cuffed ends, ready for fitting attachments. Various lengths, up to 12 ft,
are available.

NewAge Industries
145 James Way
Southampton, PA 18966
tel: 800/506-3924
fax: 800/837-1856
e-mail: [email protected] 

Susan Wallace

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