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Agency Speaks the Medtech Language


Agency Speaks the Medtech Language

Bob Michaels

Whether an OEM markets catheters in the United States, Röntgengeräte (x-ray machines) in Germany, instrumentation chirurgicale (surgical instrumentation) in France, or 输液器械 (shuye qixie; IV devices) in China, the chances are that it will require foreign-language assistance. The device maker will likely rely on an international body of research, adhere to international standards, contract with foreign businesses, and sell its products abroad. That’s where Linguanational Translations Inc. (Chicago) comes into play.

“In my experience, the medical device industry has a significant need for translation service providers,” remarks Janie Markos, Linguanational’s president. “This is especially so since the research and development process is costly, requiring companies to handle their R&D procedures overseas where it is more cost-efficient. For this reason, all documentation must be in the native language of the country the R&D is being handled in.”

To meet the needs of an increasingly globalized economy, the company offers an array of services, including the translation of medical device operator manuals, user guides, product instructions, standard operating procedures, and patents. It also offers translations for multilingual product packaging, marketing material, contracts, leases, and articles.

Specializing in more than 100 languages—from Spanish and Russian to Japanese and Korean and most everything in between—the company employs native-speaking linguists with industry expertise in a range of fields. In addition to providing translations and on-site interpretation for business meetings, Linguanational provides back-translation, Web site translation and localization, transcription, voice-overs, cultural reviews and consulting, and typesetting, layout, and desktop publishing.

“In an economically interconnected world, companies demand translation services to be able to compete in the global market,” Markos says.

Linguanational Translations Inc.
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