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5 Wow-Worthy Global Medtech Startups (Japan)


Quantum Biosystems


This Japanese upstart company may be a game-changer in genome sequencing. The Osaka company is developing single-molecule electrical sequencing of DNA and applies quantum mechanics to the field of genome sequencing.

Quantum Biosystem's methodology does not use reagents, proteins and other materials that make genome sequencing an expensive affair. Companies like Illumina have turned heads by achieving the $1,000 genome, but it appears that Quantum seeks to reduce it even further, while making the sequencing more accurate. Its sequencers are nano chips that are essentially silicon semiconductor chips in that they can be mass produced.

As such, if successful Quantum can make gene sequencing dramatically cheaper and accessible by the average person. Here are a few screenshots from the company's website that explains the promise of its technology:



[Flag Image Credit: user pop_jop]


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