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New World Medical Launches Implant to Treat Moderate and Severe Glaucoma

The Rancho Cucamonga, CA-based company has a humanitarian component that allows it to provide Fellowship Awards and technology at no charge to physicians who are willing to donate their time for patients in need.

The Ahmed ClearPath device was designed in two sizes to address some of the surgeon's toughest challenges in tube shunt surgery, a procedure that lowers the pressure inside the eye for refractory glaucoma.
Courtesy of New World Medical

New World Medical is launching an implant that would give patients an additional option for treatment of moderate to severe glaucoma. The Ahmed ClearPath device, named after the Rancho Cucamonga, CA-based company’s founder Dr. A. Mateen Ahmed, helps drain intraocular pressure in patients.

The Ahmed ClearPath is available in two sizes, 350 mm2 and 250 mm2. Designed with convenience in mind, the two sizes address some of the surgeon's toughest challenges in tube shunt surgery, a procedure that lowers the pressure inside the eye for refractory glaucoma.

New World Medical’s Chief Commercial Officer, Rafael Chan, said the technology differs from micro-invasive glaucoma surgery (MIGS) offerings such as Glaukos’ iStent.

“Typically, the MIGS device or procedures are reserved for mild to moderate [glaucoma cases],” Chan, told MD+DI. “In not all, but many cases those are combined with cataract surgery. The ClearPath implant doesn’t compete with the MIGS procedures.”

One feature of the Ahmed ClearPath implant is a flexible plate with a contour that closely conforms to the curvature of the eye. In addition, the suture fixation points are positioned more anteriorly on the device compared to other valveless drainage devices. By making the suture points more visible and accessible, the company said the surgeon may find securing this implant to the eye more convenient.

The Ahmed ClearPath received FDA clearance earlier this year and the company had a limited launch of the technology.

“During the second quarter, we did have a limited launch,” he said. “We did want to provide this to a small group of surgeons who were involved in the early design of the product. We did this because one of the ways that we work is we want to get input and feedback from surgeons and clinicians on what the unmet needs are – whether that’s safety, efficacy, or even just making the surgical procedure much more efficient.”

New World Medical has CE mark for the device but is evaluating commercialization strategies outside of the U.S.

In a release, Bilal Khan, president of New World Medical said, "with the launch of the Ahmed ClearPath, we are excited to offer glaucoma patients another treatment option while making tube shunt surgery more convenient and efficient for surgeons. We feel strongly that with every addition to New World Medical's Ahmed brand, we are bringing effective glaucoma treatments to more patients to help preserve their sight."

New World Medical was founded in the early '90s by Dr. Ahmed and has a humanitarian segment.

“Our mission is benefitting humanity and that stems not only from providing innovative-high quality products also supporting surgeons participate in medical missions – particularly medical missions outside the U.S. where the glaucoma treatment and the access to glaucoma procedures are somewhat limited. We help a lot of nonprofit organizations go out to some of these underserved markets. If a doctor is going on a medical mission we’ll provide them products free of charge, whatever they need in terms of the Ahmed Glaucoma Valve, Kahook Dual Blade, and even ClearPath. That’s a big part of who we are, supporting a lot of these humanitarian medical missions outside of the U.S.”

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