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June 28, 2010

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Spotlight on Wound-Care Technologies

Transdermal adhesives
A line of temporary transdermal adhesives is suitable for use in drug-delivery and combination devices. Offered as part of a company's drug-delivery silicone family, DDR-1370 is a traditional pressure-sensitive adhesive (PSA), while DDR-4355 is a strong-tack silicone gel. A one-part noncuring PSA dispersed in ethyl acetate, the former material has a typical viscosity of 1450 cP, can be die-cut once it has been coated onto a substrate, and exhibits high cohesive strength and release force. The latter material has a viscosity of 15,000 cP and cures at a low temperature to a soft, high-surface-tack temporary adhesive. Both materials can be applied by means of coating processes, and can be used in wound-care applications for dispensing pharmaceutical ingredients such as antibiotics, anti-inflammatory drugs, or antimicrobials.
NuSil Technology LLC
Carpinteria, CA

Porous transfer adhesive
A hydrophobic porous transfer adhesive features a stable pore structure of isolated channels in the z-axis, enabling ultrahigh moisture-vapor transmission rates (MVTRs) for management of exudate and moisture in wound-care dressings. Demonstrating good adhesion to skin, the ARcare 92174 adhesive offers MVTRs greater than 9000 g/m2/day. It is formulated to withstand gamma sterilization and is suited for bonding to dressing backings made from polyester foams, nonwovens, fabrics, and hydrocolloids. Available in rolled transfer film, the customizable adhesive has passed tests for cytotoxicity, primary skin irritation, and skin sensitization.
Adhesives Research Inc.
Glen Rock, PA

Medical-grade adhesives and tapes
Tapes and films for wound-care applications that call for moisture management, patient comfort, and extended wear time are available from a company that also supplies related materials and converting solutions. For advanced wound-care products, the firm offers hydrocolloids and advanced hydrocolloids, odor-absorbing systems, progressive thin films, and custom island dressings. Other products include soft and pliable carriers designed for optimum conformability, systems that form a bacterial barrier, high-breathability films and conformable nonwoven materials, and gentle pressure-sensitive adhesives. Medical adhesives for wound-care device assemblies are provided in the form of single-coated film tapes, single-coated foam tapes, single-coated nonwoven tapes, single-coated hydrocolloid film tapes, and hydrocolloid transfer tapes.
Avery Dennison Medical
Mentor, OH

Custom wound dressings
A contract manufacturer specializing in the fabrication of wound dressings has developed proprietary products that use adhesive systems to enable the removal of devices from fragile patient skin with minimal trauma. Whether employing a silicone or hydrogel system, the low-trauma adhesive can be made to attach a dressing to compromised skin for as long as five days before its easy removal. The dressings are designed with various materials depending on the specific types of wounds. For example, heavily exudating chronic wounds require highly absorbent materials such as foams. Foams and other more-absorbent materials can be bordered with low-trauma adhesives to make an effective dressing for geriatric patients and others with sensitive skin, according to the company.
Brady Medical Solutions
Mesquite, TX

Biobased elastomers
Elastomeric materials produced sustainably from the guayule shrub are offered to manufacturers of medical and wound-care products seeking materials that are 100% Hevea latex-free and thus safe for patients with a Type I latex allergy. The supplier's wound-care material portfolio includes emulsions for open-cell foams, films, adhesives, and binders, along with dry elastomers for closed-cell foams. All of these alternatives are suitable for traditional and advanced wound-care systems such as cohesive wraps, bandages, dressings, and prosthetics. Producing all of its biobased elastomers from plants it grows, the manufacturer supports customers throughout their product development cycle, offering prototyping, materials development, design and testing services, technology transfer, and custom compounds.
Yulex Corp.
Maricopa, AZ

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